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It’s the story of a Beauty and a Beast – only not as you know them. A young woman changed into a bestial creature, seeking redemption. Two twin brothers, one with all the emotional sensation and one with all the common sense – one balanced person, split in two bodies. Their lives and fates intertwine, and none of them shall escape unchanged, or unscathed.

Yvaine was once a spoiled child reigning terror on her parents and servants alike until an enchantress changes her into a creature whose bestial form matches her beastly nature.

Beau is a young man of singular beauty and virtue who must look after his family when misfortune brings them into a ruin of their own making.

Beau and Yvaine’s ill-fated paths will meet, and they will change each other irrevocably.  But how can love last when lovers change beyond recognition?

This is the story of a Beauty and a Beast, only not as you know it.  Set in a pre-revolutionary France where magic abounds, the tale does not end with the Beast’s transformation.  In many ways, this is only the beginning…

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